To install django-omnibus just use your preferred Python package installer:

pip install django-omnibus

Add omnibus to your Django settings

    # other apps

Add the context processor to your Django settings

    # other context processors

This enables django-omnibus with normal websocket support.


The context processor adds the two variables OMNIBUS_ENDPOINT and OMNIBUS_AUTH_TOKEN to the template context. You can use these variables to configure the JS library.

Using SockJS

To use SockJS as the underlying transport layer, you have to change some bits.

Install tornado-sockjs using your preffered Python package installer:

pip install sockjs-tornado

Change the following configurations in your Django settings:

OMNIBUS_ENDPOINT_SCHEME = 'http'  # 'ws' is used for websocket connections
OMNIBUS_WEBAPP_FACTORY = 'omnibus.factories.sockjs_webapp_factory'
OMNIBUS_CONNECTION_FACTORY = 'omnibus.factories.sockjs_connection_factory'